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Are We Forgetting Something?

As my colleague passes along the good information about Wednesday’s March on Annapolis there is some concern that some of the organizers of this event may be, at best, ignoring one of the biggest issues of concern to conservatives affecting how liberty and prosperity here in Maryland.

The issue, illegal immigration.

A recent report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) outlines the costs of illegal immigration to Marylanders. I urge you to read this report.

Here are some startling facts. The illegal alien population in Maryland is approximately 250,000 quadrupling since 2000. Maryland’s illegal immigrant population costs the state’s taxpayers more than $1.4 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration. The annual fiscal burden amounts to about $790 per Maryland household headed by a native-born resident.

With these figures, this issue certainly deserves the same attention as increasing taxes and overall excessive spending in Annapolis. Most conservatives would agree.

According to some immigration activists, leaders of AFP and other organizations involved in Wednesday’s protest don’t view illegal immigration as a major issue and view programs such as E-Verify, which seeks to stop companies from hiring illegal aliens, as an unnecessary hardship. Others have commented that immigration is simply a “social issue” that has no import to the debate about the direction our country is going.

This view is no better epitomized by Dick Armey of Freedomworks’ support for open immigration.

I don’t believe most of the good folks going out on Wednesday would support such an agenda or fail to see illegal immigration as harmful to our liberty and prosperity. As former Governor Ehrlich said “Citizenship should mean something” and the leaders in Annapolis (and of the Tea Party Movement) should get that message as well.

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