Andy Harris Announces For MD-01

Just in case there was any doubt, Andy Harris has officially thrown his hat into the ring to challenge Obama toady Frank Kratovil for House seat representing MD-01.

This will be a rematch of the close and rather unenlightening campaign run by the same two candidates in 2008. Hopefully this time the spiteful schlub Wayne Gilchrest and spoiler EJ Pipkin will be less of an issue than in 2008 and a unified and energized party will contribute one seat to flipping the House in November.

For the record, I supported Mr. Harris in 2008 and have had no reason given since then to change my position. Mr. Harris is a solid conservative and as an MD he is well prepared to engage in the battle to keep the Democrats from removing choice and the free market from our health care system. Readers from 2008 know that not all the writers on this site are Andy Harris fans and, as always, we have no endorsement until after the primary election when we will support whomever wins the GOP nomination.

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