A Failure of Leadership

Last night the Frederick and Washington County Republican central committees demonstrated why the Maryland GOP so richly deserves minority status.

When Rick Weldon resigned his position as delegate for District 3B, which encompasses southwestern Frederick County and a sliver of southern Washington County, the local GOP apparatus moved to nominate his successor. After interview candidates three potential nominees emerged as Greg Kline reports on below.

All the apparatchiks had to do was choose one of the three. A pretty easy job you’d think given our political history and the assumed ability to count. But you would be wrong. Instead this august assembly found itself unable to arrive at a decision and rather than make a decision they decided it was best to let Governor Martin O’Malley make the choice for them.

Now both the names going forward are strong candidates. Frederick County Commissioner Chuck Jenkins and Frederick County central committee member Michael Hough are solid Republicans so whichever is chosen benefits both the miniscule GOP caucus in Annapolis and the District.

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But the instructive point is that the Maryland GOP is essentially broken, perhaps irredeemably so. The decision to let the opposition choose your representatives is what one expects to find among subjugated peoples rather than with a major political party. If we cannot decide upon a replacement for a state delegate how can we expect to combat Governor O’Malley’s destruction on the state’s economy and rampant cronyism?

Until this mindset of subservience is erased and the Maryland GOP begins to entertain the notion that it is entitled to more than being Martin O’Malley’s errand boy it will remain in the wilderness and deservedly so.

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