The Law and Order Myth of Frank Kratovil

Frank Kratovil, who campaigned for Congress in 2008 on a law and order message, is finding his record coming back to haunt him.

In 2004 Kratovil charged Dontell Lamont Guy with 16 criminal counts, two of which included selling drugs to minors and assault with a deadly weapon. See here, here, and here.
However, Kratovil dropped all but three of the charges as part of plea bargain. Guy served only three year sentence out of a possible 33 had Kratovil pursued the charges.

In 2008, Kratovil again charged Guy on four criminal counts including attempted murder in a drive by shooting. And once again Kratrovil went soft and dropped all but one charge in that case resulting in a mere 18-month sentence for Guy.

Guy is now on the Queen Anne’s County most wanted list for violating conditions of his parole (he was busted on drugs and weapons charges.)

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So much for law and order.

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