Say No to Arundel Mills Slots

Supposedly, the Anne Arundel County Council will vote tomorrow whether or not to approve slots at the Arundel Mills location. Hopefully, a miracle will arise and the Councilmen will squash the idea. Recall, I am a slots supporter. And, unlike the partisans on both sides, I approved the idea when Republicans pushed them back in 2002-2006, and I continued to support them once the two parties shifted positions. No doubt, slots would be a welcomed revenue source, especially in this troubled economy.

Unfortunately, Arundel Mills is a horrible location. There’s one road in and out of the area. For folks that can’t see the problem with this, I encourage them to drive there on any Saturday afternoon. Even without slots parlors, there’s often bumper to bumper traffic. If the state wants to push this location so bad, why won’t they relax their ridiculous environmental restrictions to allow construction of new roads? Also, Arundel Mills continues to be plagued by serious crime. Tragically, judges and prosecutors have enabled this epidemic.

Moving forward, I still want to see slots in Anne Arundel County. Therefore, I’d like to see a proposal for a Laurel Park location. Unlike the Arundel Mills location, Laurel Park sits on a major highway (MD-198) and has easy access to other routes such as MD-1, MD-32, MD-295, and even I-95. Hence, that’ll alleviate most of the traffic concerns. Also, the racetrack sits on the border of both Howard and Prince Georges Counties. In other words, let Anne Arundel reap the benefits of slots without having to shoulder the full cost of the surrounding infrastructure.

Right now, Cordish has a lot of entities lobbying the Council to approve slots at Arundel Mills. Hopefully, they’ll resist this external pressure and wait around for a better idea.

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