Judd Legum’s New Line same as his old line…

Judd Legum couldn’t be bothered to discuss his the recent revelation of his new gig as a mudslinger for New York Governor David Paterson. But he has plenty of time to continue raising money for his campaign for House of Delegates in District 30…..and apparently plenty of time to again violate state campaign finance laws by not including the authority line for his campaign committee.

Obviously, Judd Legum doesn’t take campaign finance laws seriously since this isn’t his first breach of them. Nor does he seem to care that the penalty for violating such laws is disqualification from being a candidate for public office.

The irony of course is that Legum does not advertise his own fundraiser from his own campaign site or his Twitter account. It’s almost like he has been going out of his way to hide his fundraisers from the public; it was only from a post by Paul Foer that I was even made aware of Legum’s event. And it’s not like his last fundraiser which was sponsored by lobbyists days after claiming his campaign would not accept contributions form…lobbyists.

Judd Legum and his hypocrisy are going to be the gift that keeps on giving in 2010….

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