Global Warming Alarmists Show Plenty of Denial and Anger, But No Acceptance

I continue to be amused by the circumlocutions of certain global warming alarmists over climategate or the CRUtape letters.
The denial runs along two distinctly asinine lines of argument:
1. The emails “…even in the most generous interpretation doesn’t alter the overwhelming nature of the evidence for climate change”
That’s quite cheeky given that the scientists in question form the backbone of the so called scientific “consensus,” that man is causing catastrophic climate change. These “scientists behaving badly” controlled the IPCC process, cynically manipulated data, and blacklisted dissenters from peer-reviewed journals. Furthermore, a closer reading of the emails reveals that in internally these scientists were not as certain about the so called “settled science” as they led on in their public pronouncements.
Scientists who, it must be noted, wet their pants over funding from Big Oil.
It takes a major case of cognitive dissonance for someone who wrote about the virtue of “knowing how to manipulate data responsibly” to not see the clear base manipulation of data and statistical “trick” used to “hide the decline” in proxy temperature reconstructions, not to mention the destruction of raw data.
I guess that’s what happens when the giants upon whose shoulders he stands turn out to be frauds. He’s hit two of the three stages of the grief cycle, but don’t expect such a devoted disciple in the progressive church of climate alarmism to reach it to the third stage: acceptance.
2. “This was theft, pure and simple.” Nice try, but aping Barbara Boxer only elides the recent analysis of the CRU information and its origins, which clearly show that a hacker purloining the information is highly improbable. More likely it came from a scrupulous leaker within CRU.
This spin is more of the same technocratic arrogance we’ve come to expect from a self-anointed moral scold who equates his policy positions with virtue.

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