Get Involved

Want to get involved in strengthening our state’s child sex offender laws? The trial lawyers are an entrenched well-heeled special interest group who will fight tooth and nail against tougher penalties for child sex offenders. We need you to get involved and join the fight.

Here’s your chance.

Go to Citizens for Jessica’s Law sign up for the email list or contact President, Joan Harris or Vice President, Jerry Norton to get involved in the effort.

Delegate Mike Smigiel and Senator Nancy Jacobs have prefiled bills to prohibit concurrent sentences for child sex offenses, no contact orders, and eliminate diminution credits for child sex offenders.

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If you wish to testify at the judiciary committee hearings on the bills, contact Delegate Smigiel’s office.

Annapolis Office: 410-841-3434
District Office : 410-398-4606

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