Do MD Dems Even Support Obamacare?

The Maryland Democrats’ new blogger really is a piece of work. In one swoop he’s managed to make himself look like a fool and make us wonder whether the Maryland party even supports their own president’s healthcare reform effort.

In a recent post he labels Bob Ehrlich’s seconding of Charles Krauthammer’s position of taxing employer provided health plans, as supporting “a massive new tax on the middle class.” This is curious given that that is part of the Democratic health care plans in both the House and the Senate. Efforts which the Maryland Democrats—on their own website—exhort their drones to support!

Forget for a moment the blogger elides the meat of Krauthammer’s piece, which calls for tort reform and the lifting the restrictions to buying health insurance across state lines. Given that the tort lobby essentially owns the Democratic Party just look at the General Assembly (Mike Miller, Brian Frosh, Joe Vallarrio) I can see why he would omit that part. Furthermore, Democrats are the chief culprits for the lack of competition in Maryland i.e., the 66 state mandates that close off the state’s insurance market to competition.

No wonder he completely ignores these points. It puts the lie to all their hackish pablum about free markets and regulation.

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In the political blogosphere making arguments matter. Posting clever little conceits you learned while working for Congress critters does not an argument make, especially when they are so easily dismantled.

When the Maryland Dems started a blog I looked forward to engaging in reasoned arguments with them. However, it looks like another hack operation.

To paraphrase the old saying…Turnbullshit happens.

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