Obama Take Notice

As I flipped between Fox and CNN last night, I found myself surprised that both networks conceded the obvious: Election night 2009 sent a loud and clear message to Presdent Obama and the Democratically controlled Congress. Make no mistake, the victories for Republicans yesterday were quality wins in somewhat unlikely states.

In fairness, Bob McDonnell’s victory has been predicted for weeks. Still, coming into this year, 5 of the last 7 Virginia have been Democrats. Likewise, both their US Senators have a “D” next to their name. Additionally, back in 2008, President Obama won 52% of the Virginia vote to capture 13 electoral votes. Therefore, to have Bob McDonnell crush Creigh Deeds with almost 60% of the vote shows Virginians wanted a different direction.

New Jersey, on the other hand, has never been friendly confines for Republicans. Although not as bad as Maryland, New Jersey has become one of the more reliably blue states in the country. Even though Jon Corzine has ruined that state with his radically left agenda, he still had a chance to hold off Chris Christie. As I watched the returns come in last night, I realized sensibility would prevail in the Garden State.

No doubt, the White House will try to deflect blame from themselves. Still, it’s a serious blow in their efforts to advance a left-winged agenda. Until last night, they had almost a year where they could muster enough votes to pass any legislation. Now, moderate Democrats in vulnerable districts (like Maryland District 1) will have to distance themselves from the President. Hopefully, this means items such as the public option are off the table.

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