Baltimore to Discourage Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

In the past, pro-life pregnancy centers in Maryland almost became required to discourage potential clients by telling them they did not have to tell the truth. That bill was defeated.

Now, a slightly less (but still discouraging) bill may be passed today in Baltimore City that seeks to do much the same. It would require such centers to post signage that they do not provide or refer for abortions, or birth control. It is evidently part of an effort by Planned Parenthood to discourage the use of their “competition”. The bill is due to be voted on in committee today.

While it may not seem too ominous, note that very rarely is an organization required to state what they do NOT do. Does your gas station have to state that they do not rebuild transmissions? Does the local hamburger joint have to say they do not serve steak? Of course not. What’s to stop the list of things “we don’t do” being expanded to procedures filling reams and reams of paper? Could the hamburger joint eventually be required to say they don’t rebuild transmissions?

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Are Planned Parenthood organizations required to tell potential clients that they do not “lovingly help you give birth to a healthy baby and give you resources to be able to raise the child yourself”? Are they required to tell these women that they “will not help you through the pre-natal period and will not help you develop an adoption plan for your new baby”?

This legislation is unfairly targeting one type of pregnancy center (the pro-life kind), and not the pro-abortion version.

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