Typical Democrat Tactics In Race For Annapolis Mayor

The city of Annapolis will conduct its general election this Tuesday, November 3rd. Voters in Annapolis, both anecdotally and as represented by polling, are decidedly against anything that resembles the past 8 years of leadership in the city.

The Independent candidate, Chris Fox, can claim complete lack of involvement in the status quo, as he comes from a business background and has not served in city government. The Republican candidate, Dave Cordle, has sat on the city council for the past 8 years and has made great efforts to inform voters that the political deck was stacked against him, and his voice of dissent was routinely overruled. The Democrat candidate, Josh Cohen, was on the city council for 5 of those 8 years (before leaving for county council in the middle of his term as alderman, and now running for Mayor in the middle of his county council term), but routinely tries to distance himself from outgoing Mayor Ellen Moyer.

The point is, each candidate is trying to be the candidate of change, and the candidate that brings people together. But judging by a recent campaign piece by Cohen, he is not the candidate who will deliver. Take a look:

There are 8 wards in the city of Annapolis, and Democrats are running for election or re-election in 7 of them. The piece, which most clearly features the President, urges voters to “continue our progress” by voting for Cohen, and the 3 black Democrats running for city council. The 4 white Democrats running for city council are excluded.

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I live outside of city limits and am not a registered Democrat, so I doubt that I would be on the list to receive this literature. I don’t know if any city voters have actually received this piece or will receive it in the next couple of days. Although you can’t see it from this picture, the authority line on the piece reads “Cohen for Mayor”. So you’re left with one of two explanations: election fraud from someone claiming to represent the campaign……or politics as usual.

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