School Children Banned From Kensington Public Parks|ABC 7 News

Seriously? What the heck is Kensington thinking?

The town is banning use of a public park, by kids, during the period from 9:00am to 4:00 pm. During school hours, a private school, Brookewood, uses the park for recess. But now the town says that the students (elementary age students) create $4,000 a year in damage that they are demanding the school pay. The school is willing to help clean the park and put down mulch but not pay $4,000 per year for use of the park.

I loved this:

Brookewood’s headmaster tells ABC 7 News it’s a public park for all too use but Kensington’s mayor disagrees. By phone he said the park is for taxpaying citizens — not abuse by a private non-profit school.

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So I have a question for Kensington’s mayor, how many kids at the school are the children of tax paying citizens? I would guess that at least some signficant percentage. So can those kids use the park? Can they bring guests?

Kensington is just being dumb here and should repeal the ban.

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