Adam Pagnucco reported on Friday about Governor O’Malley’s fundraiser that was scheduled for today……… South Beach……… a place called “The Meat Market.”

The jokes just write themselves at this point.

What’s not quite as funny, though, is this thought: what is Governor O’Malley doing going to South Beach to raise money at a time in which Maryland’s middle and working class families are suffering from his incompetent leadership?

…..or are business owners and Democrats in South Beach merely thanking Governor O’Malley for driving more and more businesses out of Maryland, improving the business and economic climate of states like Florida?

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Either way, I am glad to see that Governor O’Malley had the economic resources to fly down to South Beach while so many of Maryland’s families are suffering due to the Governor’s inability to control spending and his never ending desire to raise taxes on the middle class.


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