An Inconvenient Truth for The Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun values some FOIA investigations more than others. Today lead editorial in Sun touts a Greenwire FOIA request that netted a Bush era email from the EPA to the administration.

But for those frustrated by the pseudo-science and quackery of climate change opponents who continue to bury their heads in the warming sand, the second was just as satisfying: Turns out the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under President George W. Bush was just as alarmed by climate change as the rest of the mainstream scientific community.

The infamous e-mail from the EPA that the White House refused to even open in 2007 was released this week under a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Greenwire, the environmental news service. As expected, the e-mail shows that the agency, under Republican leadership, expressed the same concerns about the impact of greenhouse gases that the EPA under President Obama does today.The “U.S. and the rest of the world are experiencing the effects of climate change now,” the Bush-era memo concludes. It also warns of rising sea levels, drought, violent weather, outbreaks of disease and greater numbers of heat-related deaths.

Of course, the Sun bangs the drum over the Greenwire FOIA. However it is (in)conveniently mute over a Competitive Enterprise FOIA request, which uncovered internal emails showing that Obama’s EPA suppressed a scientific report, which punched Sherman-tank sized holes in the it’s endangerment finding regarding regulating carbon dioxide emissions
under the Clean Air Act.

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This is no surprise because the Sun loves the gun-to-the-head extortion of Congress that is EPA’s Co2 endangerment finding. For the Sun such undemocratic extorition is desirable, an enlightened tyranny in pursuit progressive ends.

The Sun can label skeptics as quacks and purveyors of pseudo-science all it wants. It merely proves that in the face of rising Co2 emissions and cooling temperatures, they’ve lost the argument. All they are left with is ignoring inconvenient truths, and petulant spoon banging about people who have legitimate concerns about handing over more power to arrogant technocrats.

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