The Baltimore Sun Likey EPA Extortion of Congress

The Baltimore Sun is all a twitter at the prospects of an emerging roadmap for a global climate plan. However, it is less sanguine about the Senate passing its own version of Waxman-Markey. So what do they do? Double down on the same stale, alarmist absurdity, which passes for argument on its editorial page these days.

Ad hominem attacks on skeptics as “knuckle dragging”, praise for rent seeking corporations like Pacific Gas & Electric and Alcoa for supporting cap and trade, and chicken-little predictions of climate catastrophe.

However, I’ve never seen an editorial board advocate for such undemocratic extortion as the proverbial gun to the Senate’s head that is the EPA’s threat to regulate carbon dioxide through the Clean Air Act. In the words of the Sun the EPA’s threat is a “blunt instrument that corporations fear – and apparently what’s needed to spur Congress into action.” Got that! The Sun thinks an unelected bureaucracy extorting duly elected representatives into passing a bill is a good thing.

In Sun’s opinion it is de rigueur that only “knuckle dragging” troglodytes could oppose the enlightened, button-pushing technocrats who claim the end is nigh if we don’t act now. Technocrats, who, if only unleashed from that rotting corpse called the democratic process can solve all society’s problems.

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The Sun lauds companies like PG&E and Alcoa for jumping on the cap and trade bandwagon. Yet they never ask why or if it is a good thing. It isn’t, it’s is merely another example of big business colluding with big government to fleece the taxpayer/ consumer. PG&E and Alcoa couldn’t give a fig about “saving the planet.” Both companies are members of that rent seekers ball known as the US Climate Action Partnership, which seeks to reap both financial reward and political favors from a cap and trade scheme. A scheme that will have no meaningful effect on global temperature all the while killing jobs, raising energy costs and hindering economic growth.
Then again, we already knew cap and trade is exactly the sort of corporatism—a bedrock economic principle of fascism—the Sun champions.

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