Rumor: Mike Busch, Democratic Establishment Tried to Force Pierre from Mayoral Race

Rumor has it that the relationship between liberal factions in Annapolis may be completely breaking down over the Zina Pierre fiasco. A well-placed anonymous source sent me this note about the situation:

We are hearing that zina was strongarmed by Mike Busch and and DCC, and that’s why she backed down so quickly.

There was no “miscommunication”, but her spokeswoman Michael is a loudmouth anyway and zina took the opportunity to throw her under the bus.

Zina was convinced to stay in the race by Robert eades (a local activist) and carl snowden, telling her that she doesn’t owe anything to her party but owes it to the black community to finish the race.

Incidentally, speaking of party, the black community has vowed not to forget this, and the Busch crowd will have a hard time keeping that faction of the party in line when he runs for reelection

This Zina Pierre story just keeps getting stranger and stranger….

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EDIT: Eye on Annapolis is reporting that a quote from Mike Busch critical of Pierre was scrubbed from the original Sun story yesterday.


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