Like Watching Astroturf Grow

The pro-Obamacare rally in Centreville took place over three weeks ago, but I did get some great video from the rally and the masterful counter protest organized by Queen Anne’s County Republican Club members Diana Waterman, Andi Morony, and Andrew Langer.

Before the vids a personal note: One of the ubiquitous union thugs attending the rally felt the need to cast ugly slurs at Delegate Mike Smigiel, a dedicated public servant and former U.S. Marine. I lost my cool and called the union thug a douchebag. Even though the pro-Obamacare advocates were yelling all manner of personal invective at the counter protestors, I was out-of-line and I apologize. I felt much like William F. Buckley pushed to the edge at being called a crypto-Nazi by Gore Vidal.

To his credit, Delegate Smigiel engaged the cretin on a more civil level.

The yellow chutes of “ authentic” grass roots.

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The brown, I mean purple shirts of SEIU arrive late from DC.

OFA isn’t getting their money’s worth with these two. Hint: you want to hold the megaphone right side up.

Listen to the litany of liberal Astroturf groups.

I’m from PG County and I’m here to help

Kratovil aide Tim McCann explains Frank’s stance on Obamacare

McCann tries to defend/explain Kratovil’s vote for cap and trade

Delegate Mike Smigiel on enduring the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.

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