Get Ready for Silly Season

I’ll post more thoughts about the upcoming GOP Chairman’s election later but it looks like silly season is upon us. And the first candidate officially into the pool is……

BETHESDA, MARYLAND ­ Historically, Maryland has had three governors and
seven senators who were members of the Whig Party, with the last serving in
1858. Following the surprise resignation of Maryland Republican Chairman
James Pelura, the Whigs should return to Maryland, though with a 2009 twist.

On Tuesday, Daniel “The Whig Man” Vovak, of Bethesda, announced that he is
seeking to become the next chairman of the Maryland Republican Party. A
movie producer and ghostwriter, Vovak is known for occasionally wearing a
distinguished powdered wig when he speaks at formal events. In August, Vovak
announced that the Young Republicans of Montgomery County were co-hosting an
upcoming fundraiser with the famous Paula Jones, of Arkansas. Proceeds of
the event will also benefit the Maryland Republican Party. Vovak is the
producer of The Blue Dress, a comedy movie about Bill Clinton and Monica.

Like I said, more comments later…

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