Stupid Progressive Blogger Tricks Part MCCLXXVIII

UPDATE: Isaac Smith is exhibiting the classic symptoms of projection and denial. It’s simply beyond him that anyone who disagees with his enlightened views could possibly be “representative of Americans as a whole.” They must be cranks.
Progressive reaction to the very real grassroots opposition to Obamacare is pretty pathetic. They know that although most Americans want some type of reform a great majority are opposed to the costs entailed in the various plans to pay for it. Indeed 53% of Americans are now opposed to the plans wending their way through Congress. The more these plans roast in the sunlight of public scrutiny the more Americans will see them for the trillion dollar abominations they are. Thus progressives resort to their usual juvenile tactics. It also speaks to their inability to come to grips with the fact that anyone could possibly disagree with them. Their reaction is similar to look on my dog’s face when he realizes I fed him a carrot.

A good example of this is Isaac Smith’s inane post about “faux grassroots” protestors “accosting” Steny Hoyer. Isaac’s only evidence is a Talking Points Memo piece about how the guy who organized the Hoyer protest organized an earlier tea party in April. Lost on Isaac is the fact that it would make perfect sense that the guy who organized the April protest to do the same for this one. Here in Maryland, Aaron Jones organized the April tea party and subsequent events. Apparently Isaac believes this young 27-year old pony-tailed, goatee sporting auto mechanic, who is fed up with collectivism further encroaching on his liberty, is part of some Brooks Brothers astroturfing outfit.

Also, it’s quite cheeky to rant about “faux grassroots” movements organized by conservative groups when the left perfected the tactic. Can you say ACORN, SEIU, Move On, etc…Furthermore the tea party protestors aren’t paid political agitators like ACORN. The existence of a real conservative grassroots movement opposed to a sacred progressive policy cow like socialized medicine—let’s be honest that is their ultimate goal— confounds their standard trope or “narrative” of conservatives as mustache twirling corporate villains.

I would also remind Isaac that his own blog is funded by BlogPAC a political action committee formed to coordinate the activities of progressive bloggers and raise money for political candidates. Blogpac was founded by none other than Kos himself, Markos Moulitsas Zuñiga and run by Democratic operative Matt Stoller, a sycophant of George Soros.

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Now tell me, who are the faux grassroots here?

It also bespeaks to the depth of Isaac’s contempt that he refers to the protestors as “teabaggers.”

Then again this is to be expected from folks like Isaac, who literally treat politics like a religion, and believe they are on the side of the angels.

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