Something’s Fishy? He really does not want to go there…

Barry O’s official website, the one we pay for with our tax dollars, is now stooping to insulting Americans who are exercising their right to free speech. But that is not all, they are now recruiting neighbor to tattle on neighbor. People are being asked to report “fishy” e-mails and websites that dare question the official “truths” about the health care plan. Despite the dangers of Goodwin’s Law, it is very hard to hear such things without visions of brown-shirted thugs bursting in and demanding if we are hiding any Jews. (Anne Frank & Corrie Ten-Boom, may they rest in peace).

The Audacity (I use that word on purpose) of the White House to entice people to squeal because they can’t monitor such things themselves. Yeah, right! They have the whole freakin’ NSA at their disposal, or they can do a Google Alert, they know what is being said about them. They just don’t like what they are hearing. They just don’t like this “Inconvenient Truth” (again, words chosen on purpose). Since when are Americans exercising their right to free political speech “fishy”? Do they really want to go there?

When the TV program Jericho went off the air with the word “Nuts” being used, thousands of fans protested by sending nuts to the powers-that-be, and the program was renewed for another (shorter) season. Underwear (clean, or dirty?) was supposedly sent by some to protest women being attacked for drinking in a bar. Recently, tea bags were sent to Congress in protest. New Zealand farmers protesting a global warming “flatulence tax” sent even worse items, if you can guess what I mean.

Does Barry really want to go there… really?? I can see postal workers across America dealing with tons of stinky fish being sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Tuna cans are too heavy, but rotting anchovies stinking through the envelopes… yeach! If they thought some websites and e-mails were “fishy”, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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