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Riddle me This

Senator Ben Cardin has had his well publicized town hall meetings. So did Congressman Frank Kratovil. Congressman John Sarbanes, not having the guts to hold a town hall in person, decided to have a telephone town hall. Sure, it’s a chicken move, but at least we know where he stands on citizen input. And Senator Barabara Mikulski is laid up with a bum ankle. So just about all of the federal officials who represent Anne Arundel County are accounted for on the issue of town halls.

But where or where is Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger? What is Ruppersberger’s stance on Obamacare? More importantly, what is his stance on holding town hall meetings to get the input of his constituents on this important matter, and why to date has he not held any town hall meetings?

Inquiring minds want to know, Congressman.


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