My 10 Suggestions to Governor O’Malley

To his credit, Governor Martin O’Malley has asked for the publics suggestions to help find ways to cut government spending. Ultimately, I believe Martin O’Malley will give more credence to those ideas that deal with raising revenue to fund government at it’s current level. Still, I passed along the following ideas:

1) Combine Maryland State Police, Maryland Transportation Authority Police, Maryland Transit Authority Police and Maryland Natural Resources Police into a single agency. By doing so, it reduces the cost of keeping each agency singularly operational. Heck, by having a single Chief (as opposed to 4) would save almost a half million dollars.

2) Stop requiring Maryland State Police recruits to live at the Sykesville campus during the academy. No other police agency in Maryland burdens themselves with the cost of room and board for a six month period.

3) Instead of paying rent elsewhere, use the state owned hospital sites in Crownsville and Sykesville as office buildings.

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4) Eliminate mileage and hotel reimbursements for legislators living less than 30 miles from Annapolis.

5) Stop granting complimentary EZ Passes to Senators/Delegates.

6) Carry out the sentences of death row inmates.

7) Issue concealed carry permits to law abiding Maryland citizens. The influx of application/renewal fees would generate consistent and dependable revenue.

8) Build more prisons in economically depressed Western Maryland. Because of the need for jobs, turnover is reduced, ultimately cutting the cost for the state.

9) Eliminate take home cars for all state employees.

10) Trade the Governor’s SUV in for a smart car. DC Mayor Adrian Fenty has taken this leap. Will O’Malley follow?


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