Lamest Progressive Argument Evah

From Ben Cardin’s town hall meeting in Towson last night.

Sean Dobson, 45, of Silver Spring, director of Progressive Maryland, rejected arguments that the government option would drive private insurers out of business. “That’s crazy. Nobody says the library drives the bookstores out of business,”Dobson said, adding that those arguments were being made by insurers looking to maintain their monopoly.

That’s because libraries don’t operate with the backing of government mandates on the private, retail, book market. Sheesh. It just goes to show the shallow, myopic, progressive view of the world when the head of Progressive Maryland can’t understand the difference between a public library and a massive government expansion into the healthcare.

As for industry monoplolies I’d point to Mr. Dobson to big Pharma’s appeasement efforts toward the White House and the double cross from Congressional Democrats.

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