Just the Facts for Craptacular Comments

Our resident lurker and O’Malley bootlick thinks he has an argument (see comments) debunking my Obamacare astroturfers advertising on Craigslist post. He argues:

“They’re paying canvassers to beg for money door to door. Annoying, but not astroturfing.If you have evidence they’re paying people to go to health care rallies or town halls or what have you, then show me.

I see the call, and raise.

First, as they say, just the facts.

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My post referenced DC-area Craigslist posting for jobs ($400-$600 a week) asking for people to “defend President Obama’s healthcare plan over the August recess,” and “Jobs for change, fight w/Obama for healthcare reform.” All the listings were posted by jobsthatmatter.org, a subsidiary of the Fund for Public Interest. FFPI is a well-heeled advocacy group funded by the larger stars in the massive constellation of progressive groups: The Sierra Club, Greenpeace, USPIRG, and one group in particular Progressive Future. Progressive Future uses FFPI to provide canvassers for Obamacare, as did USPIRG. Progressive Future refers job seekers to FFPI.

Progressive Future—along with SEIU, MoveOn and The Center for American Progress—is part of Healthcare for America Now (HCAN). HCAN is at the center of the many progressive campaign operations at 1825 K St. Guess the name of the man whose money and fingerprints are all over 1825 K St? George Soros. Well it’s not just Soros but Progressive Insurance honcho Peter Lewis, and left’s favorite crony capitalists, subprime mortgage mavens Herb and Marion Sandler among others. But that’s just where the money comes from.

Here is what Progressive Future, among other things, plans to do with their new hires:

So, this summer is the key time to ramp up the public pressure for reform. Every member of Congress needs to hear from us, that we won’t wait any longer for real health care reform.Progressive Future is stepping up to the challenge:

• We’ll be sending out hundreds of canvassers in nine cities across the country to talk directly with more than 50,000 citizens about the need to solve our health care crisis, building our rapid-response network, and engaging supporters immediately.

They list as resources SEIU, Center for American Progress, USPIRG, and Jacob Hacker the man responsible for the “if you like your healthcare you can keep it” public option canard.

Interestingly enough Progressive Future also elicits assistance to “fight healthcare hecklers” at town hall meetings. HCAN even has a strategy memo for its member groups on how to avoid any real debate and set the media “narrative” for town hall meetings.

Also note the dates of the Craigslist postings—mid-to-late July—just in time to have boots on the ground ready for the August recess when representatives would have to defend the bill.
So no they aren’t the smelly college kids rapping on your door at dinner time begging for money. They are the smelly college kids paid to drum up support for Obamacare, and I’d bet dimes to dollars many of those canvassers are also showing up at town hall meetings.

We all know the standard reply “Bob Ehrlich blah, blah, blah. AFP lavishly funded blah, blah blah. Dave Schwartz blah, blah, blah.” Seriously, save your homoerotic fetishes about the Ehrlich administration for Daily Kos, political porn belongs there.

Whatever AFP has is pennies compared to HCAN’s $40 million dollar budget. Furthermore, AFP isn’t hiring canvassers or any foot soldiers for that matter. They are helping to organize a very real grassroots opposition to Obamacare.

H/T to Caleb Howe, Verum Serum, and Michelle Malkin.

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