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Heads Up about local event

Move On Political Action is planning to be at Sen. Ben Cardin’s Baltimore office tomorrow to show their support of the Health Care Take-Over. Any patriotic Americans want to go to give another view? Be respectful and legal, you wouldn’t want to get in trouble for trespassing or get the Baltimore Police involved with the Cardin family again! Details below.

Real Voices for Change Action

Sen. Cardin’s Baltimore District Office, 100 South Charles Street (Map)
Baltimore, MD 21201
Wednesday, August 19th, 12:30 PM

Let’s keep the momentum going! Please sign up for this gathering right away!

Message from your host, Paul R.: We will be distributing flyers in support of healthcare reform with a strong public option. The flyers will dispel the lies and misinformation coming from the right wing. We will encourage constituents to call their Senators and Representatives in support of healthcare reform with a REAL public opti…(more)on. We will also visit Senator Cardin’s office to drop off a flyer and express our support.

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