C’mon Democrats, I’m begging you

This might be one of the all time most amazing stories I have ever read about dumb ideas from Democrats in Annapolis:

Annapolis is girding for a debate on taxes as the traditional election season stance of “no new taxes” is being worn down by seemingly endless bouts of state budget-cutting.

Gov. Martin O’Malley has slashed spending as tax revenues have fallen and plans to announce about $470 million in further reductions this month. That has prompted some Maryland lawmakers and special-interest groups to suggest looking at the other side of the ledger to get more revenue flowing into state coffers.

Read the whole thing, but liberals are proposing a whole slew of new taxes include even more taxes on business, charging sales tax on all internet purchases, and the idea of combined reporting, an accounting trick that will force more business to pay new taxes.

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To their credit, Mike Miller and Mike Busch are both saying that there will be no attempts to increase taxes……for now. But I am begging legislative Democrats and their interest group friends to hop on board this train and see where it takes them. Citizens across Maryland are already fed up with overregulation, overspending, and overtaxation here in our state. We have already seen what out of control taxation and spending have done to Maryland’s economy and the economic well being of Maryland’s middle and working class families. And we already know that liberal Democrats in Annapolis are naive enough to believe that the people of this state will stand for more of the same failed economic policies from Governor O’Malley and the General Assembly.

To make a long story short, if the Democrats find a way to move forward with a proposed tax increase in an election year, Republicans will pick up a considerable number of seats in the General Assembly and have a realistic shot of ensuring a Republican gets elected Governor next year.

So Democrats, I’m begging you to make one more dumb mistake. Try raising taxes and see what happens at the ballot box in 2010…….


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