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Ben Cardin to Maryland – “You’re Just Uninformed”

Well, at least he didn’t call us UN-AMERICAN.  No, we’re just uninformed.  That was the message Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) delivered on WICO this morning as he prepares to discuss health care again – this time at a by invitation event with only pre-submitted, hand-picked questions allowed.

Fortunately for listeners, WICO host Bill Reddish politely stood up for the average citizen.  To listen to Cardin, all those opposed to ObamaCare are deliberately being fed “misinformation”.  Of course, everything coming from the mouths of ObamaCare proponents is 100% accurate.  Right Ben?

Don’t forget, Cardin will speak at Salisbury University at 10:30 AM.  Let him know what you think.

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