The Obama / Kennedy Road to Socialized Medicine

Choice.  That’s what we’re being promised by Barack Obama.  According to the left, if you go along with their scheme to nationalize health care you’ll be able to keep your private insurance and choose your doctor.  Unfortunately, it flies in the face of common sense:

Politicians like Rep. Frank Kratovil (D-MD) try to tell us that the Obama / Kennedy plan won’t lead to a single payer system.  Of course it will!  It’s basic economics.  If the taxpayer is subsidizing the “public option”, how is the private insurance industry expected to compete?  When employers and individuals start flocking to the “public option”, because it’s the most affordable, what will happen to private health insurance?

In a few years, after we have a single payer plan, what’s next?  RATIONING!  Everywhere in world that has adopted single payer has had to ration health care.  Explain that to your parent who can’t get heart surgery because they’re TOO OLD, or to your child who can’t get an MRI because access has been restricted by a “Health Care Authority”.

We need only look across the north to see how well this system works:

When we start rationing care in the US, where are we supposed to go? Mexico?

What can you do?  Start by going to Patients First and sign their petition.  Call and email your congressman.  Email your friends and ask them to do the same.  Just remember, the left is organized to win this battle and YOU (and YOUR FAMILY) will be the ones paying the cost.

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