The Kratovil – ObamaCare Shuffle

First District Congressman “Blue Dog” Frank Kratovil may just wind up on next season’s Dancing With the Stars.  To get re-elected, he needs to keep that left wing, special interest money flowing.  To do that, he must do the bidding of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and Chris Van Hollen.  Yet, by doing their bidding he risks that very same re-election.  For these reasons, Kratovil is always engaged in some new dance designed to deceive his constituents while staying in the good graces of his DC masters.  Kratovil’s newest dance is the “ObamaCare Shuffle”.

According to “Blue Dog” Frank, we need to be “deliberative”:

“The President opened his press conference by stating, ‘If we do not control these costs, we will not be able to control our deficit.’  I could not agree with him more.  I share the President’s views that for the sake of our nation’s fiscal future, we urgently need to pass comprehensive health care reform that expands coverage and brings costs under control.

“That’s why I was deeply concerned to hear the director of the Director of the Congressional Budget Office testify last week that the legislation now pending before the House would not adequately address the cost crisis, and would actually worsen our long-term fiscal outlook.  While I agree with President Obama that skyrocketing costs and a lack of coverage signal a need to reform the health care system in our country, the CBO’s findings cast legitimate doubts as to whether the legislation currently before the House will accomplish these shared goals.

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“At the very least, these legitimate questions about this bill’s long-term fiscal implications should highlight the need to be deliberative and thorough in reviewing this health care reform legislation.  We should not rush any plan through Congress that has not been properly vetted.  Getting this right is more important than getting this done by an artificial deadline.

“I realize that there are some in Congress who will oppose any type of reform, not based on merit but for purely political reasons.  But for those of us who reject this obstructionism and are firmly committed to reforming our system the right way, it is imperative we spend the time to get this right.  I have urged both the White House and leaders in Congress to make sure we have enough time to thoroughly review any proposal before a vote.  I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and I will not support any proposal until its impacts on costs, coverage, and rural access have been thoroughly examined.”

Translation – Just like PORKULUS and “Cap and Tax”, I’m going to vote to saddle Americans with a crushing debt.  However, just like “Cap and Tax” I’m working diligently to grab a few pork scraps so I don’t look like a complete slave to my masters in Washington.  When my press secretary, Kevin Lawlor, has figured out how to explain the betrayal of First District citizens in order to allow government to take over our health care system I’ll be casting my vote in support of Nancy Pelosi.  Let’s face it; a slim majority of votes may have put me in office but none of that would have been possible without Pelosi, the DCCC, and the radical special interests who are my real constituents.

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