The Governor needs to pay attention

How come it only ever seems like Governor O’Malley and his administration are surprised at the need for fiscal restraint, most recently shown through the announcement of an impending $700 million in cuts for the current fiscal year that would be coming down the pike?

How many times over the course of this economic downturn have Republicans, economists, and yes Maryland’s conservative blogosphere, warned of the impending economic calamity from the imposition of O’Malleynomics here in Maryland? How many times did people note the folly of increasing discretionary spending during a budgetary deficit? How many times were Annapolis Democrats warned that drastic and immoral tax hikes during a recession would lead to a reduction in tax revenues (something that we have already seen this year)? How many times have people noted that the time Keynesian economics has passed, and its continued implementation would provide disastrous consequences to our state and its taxpayers?

Instead, Governor O’Malley insisted on continuing to raise taxes and to increase social spending in order to keep the coalition of interest groups that elected him in line. It’s sad, it’s objectionable, and it shows O’Malley’s commitment to putting special interests ahead of the interests of Maryland’s working and middle class families. Now, it looks like the Governor is actaully going to have to make cuts, which is a good thing except for one small fact.

O’Malley declined to detail specific cuts that he’s considering but indicated it would be “impossible” to fully preserve budgeted spending for education, health and public safety because those areas comprise such a large part of the budget.

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Two of those three are a severe problem, as two of the state’s constitutional duties are to provide funding for public safety and for education. So instead of cutting spending or retreating on his silly list of 15 goals, he is going to really put the screws to the people and cut where it really hurts, presumably in a ruse designed to create popular support for a tax increase or to blame Bob Ehrlich for these cuts. Either way, O’Malley is (as usual) putting the political calculus ahead of the bottom line for Maryland’s families.

I think the people are really starting to see through this charade. It is long past time that we return competent leadership to Annapolis. And Governor O’Malley is neither competent or a leader…


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