Pipe Dreams

The Sun had a reasonably written editorial this morning encouraging action that will not likely occur in this or any other universe; spending cuts by Maryland Democrats, including cuts to legislative scholarships, a roll-back to the tuition freeze, and a reduction in aid to local governments.

But let’s take a look at Governor O’Malley’s track record on this. Increasing health care spending in a fiscal crisis? Check. Pass prevailing wage laws to increase required spending on government contracts? Check. Billions to create a “biotech hub”? Check. And that’s just a small sampling of the spending hikes that Governor O’Malley has foisted upon us, to say nothing of the tax hikes that have led to reduced tax revenues.

Sadly, we knew back in 2007 that Fiscal 2010 was going to be a tough year, yet Governor O’Malley and his partners in crime in Annapolis did nothing responsible about it. Why should we suspect that they’ll start now?


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