O’Malley Hides Public’s Suggestions

Del. Mike Smigiel (R-36) has a great review of Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s new “Online Suggestion Box”:

When I first heard about this, I thought, What a great idea! Unfortunately, like most things in government, the devil is in the details.

Mike is, again, right on about this issue.  IF O’Malley were serious, rather than just pandering to an electorate that will judge him in just over a year, he would allow the public to see the suggestions of their fellow citizens.  IF O’Malley were 1/10 of the chief executive he claims to be, he would know that many great ideas come from hearing and seeing the ideas of others.

Of course, O’Malley is PANDERING and he sure isn’t the executive he claims to be.  Marylanders are paying the tax increases that prove it.

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