More On Kratovil and Waxman-Markey

Last week I wrote that Frank Kratovil would probably be an aye vote for Waxman-Markey because of the large agricultural interest in MD-1. Well here’s the proof for my theorem.

However, Rep. Frank M. Kratovil Jr., D-1st-Md., put in an amendment to
restore the rights of local farmers. His spokesman, Kevin Lawlor, said
Kratovil’s amendment would make Maryland farmers eligible for as much as $1
billion in incentives for reducing emissions. The estimate, he said, is based on
a Congressional Budget Office analysis.

“There are going to be people for (the bill) and those against it. But that
fact is that he worked to help the bill help Maryland farmers rather than allow
it to steamroll them,” Lawlor said.

Also, note that the article quotes the farmers’ deep suspicion of Waxman-Markey.

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I’m not doubting Martin Watcher’s League of Conservation Voters argument either as they contribute money and volunteers to their preferred candidates. You’ve seen them, the hygenically challenged clip board toting college kids, who knock on your door just as you’re sitting down to dinner. You know the kids with open-toed shoes and closed minds.

It’s just that Kratovil probably needs the farmers more than the greens. But give him credit, he found a way to appease two special interests that are usually at odds with one another.

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