I don’t understand.

I just don’t understand our Republican leadership.

The July 9 Prince George’s Gazette has a number of articles on the following subjects:

  • Commercial robberies are up in the county.
  • Public safety staffing has been cut.
  • Unions are suing the county over the public safety cuts.
  • The county has held secret meetings to plan furloughs for public safety workers.
  • There are no fire hydrants in the part of the county with a highly publicized recent major fire.
  • The county wants to spend $1 million on fancier offices for the housing department.

This follows several days of stories about cuts in education spending and the new policy of rotating closing fire stations.

EVERY county and state level elected official in Prince George’s County is a Democrat.
It seems to me that this news would make great fodder for a GOP offensive against the screwy priorities of the Prince George’s County Democratic monopoly.
So, what do our GOP leaders have to say about this? Not a single word! They seem to be much more concerned with attacking each other.
I don’t know what our GOP leaders are thinking, but offering the voters an alternative to Democratic mismanagement is certainly a very low, if not non-existent, priority for the Maryland Republican Party.
Is it asking too much to expect our party leadership to rebuild the party by recruitng and supporting candidates and attacking Democratic misrule?

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