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One of my biggest criticisms of President Obama is that he and those around him are beholden to the 90s when President Clinton was in office. This group wants desperately to bring back the good times, to the point they have recently pulled out the playbook which included health care reform. By the way, if you really want to know the gist of government ran healthcare, I invite you to google the Randy Stroup story from last year.

But what the President and the rest of the Democrats have failed to realize the other part of the 90s…the Republican revolution. It was the Republicans who helped with bringing in those good times. Now, there are a couple of things you should probably know about me. For starters, I believe a good politician is a good politician, despite the letter. In addition, I also do not believe in one-party rule, especially when it’s Democrats. Sorry folks, but watching the fun here in Maryland will do that to you.

In any event, with people falling out of love with the President and the continuing disappointment with congress, everything is setting up nicely for Republican gains on Capitol Hill. While I do not think it will be a revolution, I would not be surprised if the Democrats will lose one side of the Capitol to the GOP. For that to happen though, the GOP needs start focusing and start screaming their ideas and platform.

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The distraction of the left pushing Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the Republican Party is over. The self-righteous people in the Republican Party (Sarah Palin NOT included by the way) have gone on to green pastures. More importantly, people are starting to wake up. This is what a perfect storm looks like and it is not looking good for the Democrats and Obama.

Meantime in here in the free state, The GOP nationally does not seem to be making any significant investments which is a shame. The Democrats might control 75 percent of the House of Delegates and Senate, but do not think that the populous is happy. As evidenced by those who attended tea parties across the state, people are tired of the shenanigans of the O’Malley Administration as well as those of House Speaker Michael Busch (D-Dist. 30) and Senate President Thomas Mike Miller (D-Dist. 27). Despite the left’s assertion that the tea parties were largely attended by racists who hate the Black President, I saw differently. Watching the coverage on television, radio and online, I saw a diversified crowd who is fed up about being the ATM for the powers that be.

Right now, the GOP needs to see what is happening in Maryland and look at ways to reachout. This state desperately needs a two party system. With the exception of 2003-2007, the majority party has gone largely unchecked. It would be a shame that incumbents in the state would go unchecked next year, especially after such dismal performances of recent memory. It would be even sadder if the GOP did not take to great opportunity before them and run with it.

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