Fighting the Wrong Enemy

Well, it looks like we’ve got another self-made crisis in the Maryland Republican Party, as Jim Pelura fired Justin Ready this morning:

Two staff members of the Maryland Republican Party have left, and the top officers of the GOP said they want the chairman to explain why, or resign.

Chairman James Pelura III asked for Executive Director Justin Ready’s resignation Monday morning. Events coordinator April Rose tendered her resignation, according to Chris Cavey, the party’s first vice chairman….

…Cavey said the executive committee, made up of 31 of the party’s top leaders, met last week.

“There was no inkling of any personnel problems. No inkling of any pending firings. No inkling of anything,” Cavey said.

After receiving word of the departures, Cavey said the party’s top seven elected officials have asked Pelura to convene an executive committee meeting.

“We have asked for either Jim to account for the action or to resign,” Cavey said.

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. The rumors about why Pelura canned Ready are even more ridiculous, but I am trying to corroborate them first. And I agree with Chris Cavey on this: Pelura needs to explain to everybody (not just the Executive Committee, but all Maryland Republicans) as to why Ready needed to go.

It’s kind of hard to deal with unseating a failed Governor when we can’t even keep the party apparatus on the same page. Marylanders are ready for change and fresh leadership; I guarantee you that sideshows like this do not help us raise one dollar, recruit one volunteer, or elect one Republican.

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Something has to change….


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