Best Ways To Avoid Maryland’s EZ Pass Fee

A while back, I chronicled how to avoid Maryland’s ridiculous $1.50 EZ Pass fee. With the charge now a reality, I want to remind people that there are options other than sucking it up or canceling your account altogether. Unfortunately, anyone on a reduced fare commuter plan through the Maryland Department of Transportation will likely have to absorb the cost. In the long run, reduced toll fares justify paying the fee. Now, for the majority of us that merely use EZ Pass for convenience, other options exist.

Media outlets have been touting Delaware and Virgina EZ Pass since they don’t levy account maintenance fees. Still, these jurisdictions charge some time of deposit to obtain a transponder. Therefore, the deal isn’t as good as advertised. Personally, I found two better options. Both of which allow motorists to utilize EZ pass lanes up and down the East Coast.

Bar none, the best deal lies can be found through the Peace Bridge in New York. There’s no charge for a transponder. Likewise, there’s no maintenance fees. To get this deal, customers only need to maintain automatic replenishment through a credit card.

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Closer to home, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has a $3.00 annual fee, but they’ll waive the transponder fee for those customers willing to automatically replenish their account through a credit card.

I have an account with Pennsylvania mainly because I wasn’t clued into the Peace Bridge option until later. Either way, both provide better alternatives than paying Martin O’Malley $1.50 a month for nothing.


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