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Allan Kittleman and Nancy Jacobs Call for Pelura to Resign

The drumbeat for Jim Pelura to resign is getting louder. Senate Minority Leader Allan Kittleman and Senate Minority Whip Nancy Jacobs have asked Pelura to resign.

Here is the text of a letter/email sent from the senators to the chairman:

Chairman Pelura:

As Republicans, we have a tremendous opportunity to build our Party, particularly in light of the way in which the Democrat leadership has mismanaged the difficult fiscal issues facing Maryland.

And, as Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, we do not feel that
you have positioned the Party to take advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves as we approach the 2010 elections.

Therefore, in order to move our Party forward, we join the officers of the Maryland Republican Party in asking that you resign your position as Chairman.


Allan Kittleman, Senate Minority Leader
Nancy Jacobs, Senate Minority Whip

More to come as this develops.

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