A Good Start

While the President and the Democrats in Congress continue to move forth with their plan of impoverishing America’s working and middle class families under the weight of government-run health care, Speaker Newt Gingrich is moving forth with a simple, common-sense plan to get the economy rolling:

1. Cut the Payroll Tax in Half for 2 Years.

2. Abolish Taxes on Capital Gains.

3. Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate.

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4. Abolish the Death Tax.

I’m not sure the Speaker’s plan goes far enough. I would tie-in appropriate cuts in discretionary spending, and make the cut in the payroll tax permanent and not a temporary, two-year tax, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

For too long, Democrats like President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Governor O’Malley have tried to sell the public on a bill of goods that implies that only massive bureaucracy, wasteful government spending, and immoral levels of taxation can get us out of our current economic funk. But as we have shown time and again, higher taxes and wateful spending do nothing but put the onus of government largesse on the backs of America’s middle and working class families. And I am more every day that the American public is becoming more and more fed-up with the status quo on taxes and spending, something that can be seen with the rise of the size and influence of the tea party movement in America.

Speaker Gingrich’s tax proposals are a good start for Congressional Republicans to do their best to try and return fiscal responsibility and sanity to Congress…


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