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Why I Think Frank Voted the Way He Did

I have no more insight than anyone else into the mind of Frank Kratovil… but I do know politics pretty well and it’s pretty easy to guess campaign strategy. During the last campaign, Kratovil focused on the determination of a special interest group that Andy Harris wasn’t pro-environment enough. That same special interest group, that backed Kratovil during the campaign, told all members of Congress that if they didn’t vote for this bill, then they would be denied their endorsement.

In the next election, Frank Kratovil needs to be able to point to the League of Conservation Voters endorsement and say “see, this special interest group says I’m better so you should vote for me.”

Now when you look at the two biggest votes Chris Van Hollen cared about, Kratovil is 2 for 2. And 2 for 2 on voting for bills that he didn’t even read.

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