Why Frank Kratovil Would Vote Aye on Waxman-Markey

The Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill (cap and tax to me more accurate) is scheduled for a vote either today or Saturday. Since it was introduced the 1,200 page plus bill has been exposed for what it is: a climatically meaningless dog’s breakfast of rent-seeking pork for favored special interests, massive energy tax, and economic drag for the rest of us. Obama and the Democrats want this abomination so bad that the Wall Street Journal noted the Democrats think that reality will suspend itself if the bill passes.

Paging Henry Hazlitt

Hell, even the true believer progressives i.e. the “people are pollution” crowd, are hopping mad about the bill.

This monstrosity looked to be dead as many coal and farm state Democrats balked at the massive costs of the bill. However, the Democratic leadership has been on a vote-buying spree, purchasing the votes of so-called “blue dog” Democrats.

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Still, as of Wednesday my congressman Frank Kratovil—according to aides at both his Washington and Centreville offices—has no position on the bill.

This is curious as he sits on the Agriculture committee. The chair of that committee, Collin Petersen, has held back farm belt votes until he secured an agreement that will designate the USDA, not the EPA as the authority to approve agricultural carbon offsets.

As we know farmers make up a large and powerful constituency on the Eastern Shore, which composes most Kratovil’s district.

So now you will know why Frank Kratovil would vote aye on HR 2454 The American Clean Energy and Security Act (who would oppose that but puppy kickers and mustache twisting villains).

Think of it as sausage al là Kratovil. Although, I doubt you’ll have much of an appetite after you open your electricity bill, and even less money in your bank account to buy food.

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