MDE’s Abuse of Power, Abuse of Reason

One of the classic arguments that liberals like to put forth is that when disaster strikes, the government should be strong so it can “help,” Ronald Reagan’s words notwithstanding. However, here in Maryland, it seems like a certain government agency thinks that the when disaster strikes, your first responsibility should be to……the government.

After last weekend’s tornado, officials from the State Department of the Environment managed to determine that John Long of Dundalk had “purposefully placed a significant amount of yard waste, debris or items that could have resulted from the recent storm we had” into a nearby creek and a nearby flood plain. Mind you, MDE had exactly no reason to suspect that Mr. Long was responsible for the debris that was in the yard. In fact, trash and refuse has been washing down from nearby locations off of Merritt Blvd for fifty years prior the last weekend’s tornado, and a lot of the debris that MDE is trying to ping Long for has been washing up during that entire time period. In fact, I’m hard pressed to figure out a good reason as to why MDE decided to wait until immediately after a natural disaster to start poking their head around this particular area. Butthat doesn’t seem to keep the zealots that Martin O’Malley has placed in charge of the Department of the Environment from demanding that Long clean up the mess he didn’t make….under the penalty of a $10,000 a day fine if the mess is not cleaned up within thirty days.

We all know that Governor O’Malley and many of Maryland’s other leftist Democrats enjoy using the power of government to keep the citizens in check. But even the most adamant liberal has to be able to comprehend that a government that is prepared to use its instruments of power to put the screws to a homeowner who is trying to clean up for a natural disaster is a government that is abusing its power. And you have to think to yourself that it is only a matter of time that a government that is going after the downtrodden is going to come after you.

Perhaps you might want to let MDE Secretarty Shari WIlson or the Governor’s Chief of Staff what you think of their ridiculous handling of this matter…..

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