Second Opinion On The Sun

The Baltimore Sun still has some bitterness towards Michael Steele. Let’s face it, it’s not easy being a liberal newspaper who infamously dismissed Governor Ehrlich’s running mate in 2002 as only bringing his skin color to the table and nothing more. Well, we all know what happened after that. Ehrlich won, and after two attempts in the past, the Republican’s were able to get the first Black statewide office holder.

Fast forward to their blog entry today, where the headline is “Michael Steele speaks but doesn’t say much.

Let’s put this in perspective. Michael Steele probably didn’t want to say much because he wanted to see what President Obama would do in the first 100 days. Unfortunately, Rush had his feelings hurt and Steele stupidly did what many other GOP members in the past had done…apologize to a celebrity (please spare me the “it’s comedy” defense, it’s tired and does not fly with me.)

Now The Baltimore Sun editors are upset because Steele didn’t offer any ideas during his speech in Prince George’s County. With that in mind, here is the word of the day, patience. Patience, my friends because even though November 2010 is not too far off, things can change between now and then. Patience, because the best ideas take time to plan and execute. If we rush ideas through the door…well, we see what’s happening with the tarp money and the automobile industry.

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By the way, memo to The Sun, your endorsement in 2002 was worthless, you still lost the lawsuit against Ehrlich and your newspaper is still overpriced.

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