Don’t Wince…..Act

There is a piece by Dan Balz in the Post today nothing that some Republicans are “wincing” by the statements former Vice-President Dick Cheney has made criticizing the Obama Administration. A lot of the piece goes on to talk about the ever-popular “unnamed Republicans” who believe that Cheney is a distraction to the future of the Republican Party and that his engagement on the issues surrounding the Administration are doing more harm than good.

I would be willing to take a different approach. The fact that Vice-President Cheney is one of the few Republicans who have been willing to stand up and criticize the Administration is more of a condemnation of the Republcian Party than it is anything else. While many Republicans continue to jockey for position within the minority, few prominent Republicans have been willing to stand up in an articulate manner for core conservative principles. The fact that the Vice-President is willing to stand up for this, regardless of public opinion and regardless of those people in the party who have a problem with it, is a positive for the country and for the party, not a negative.

If prominent Republicans truly have a problem with Cheney’s prominence on these issues, they need to shut up and talk about issues from a conservative perspective instead of worry about what plays well in Washington. And dumb stuff like the NRSC endorsing Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate race isn’t going to help shed the label that D.C. Republicans are indifferent to the plight of the party and the plight of the conservative movement.


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