What happens when you get libs and conservatives to agree?

Do you get all Kum-ba-ya and filled with the warm glow of “Bipartisanship”?

More likely, (like last night at Sine Die) you get a bill so screwed up that neither side likes it. Many on both sides voted against it, those who are in favor of coddling illegals, or those who want to ship them south. Unfortunately, even the rightys and the wrongys/leftys were outnumbered (barely) by those who actually passed this steaming pile of stuff. The drivers-licenses-for-illegals debate we were led to believe would be one of either strict adherence to the letter (if not the spirit) of the law, or a two-tiered contraption.

What we got, thanks to a conference committee, was a monstrosity that gets tough on those illegals… in 2015?! What the hey? That is touted as dealing with this situation on a “date certain”, a date that is way overdue. That will be 14 years after 9-11! Yeah, that’s gettin’ tough alright! My foot it is! The illegal sympathizers are not happy either, I guess they feel 2015 is being too tough. It stops future “undocumented” immigrants from getting new licenses, how very mean of us!?

It passed, but with not enough votes to be considered an “emergency” piece of legislation. So it will take place June 1st. What a laugh if it had been considered an “emergency” that doesn’t kick in ’til 2015. Talk about oxy-moronic!

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Please people, come out to the Tea Parties. Predicted rain is no excuse! Even if you have to wear 2 raincoats and carry 3 umbrellas, we gotta stop this insanity!

ADDENDUM: Please check out the comment Martin Watcher made to this post to get more of the story, and to learn of the sneaky way libs voted against the bill on purpose for what may be nefarious reasons- Thanks MW!

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