Unintentional Honesty from Ben Cardin

Ben Cardin was a bit too honest with the Washington Post than I think he meant to be…

Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin(D-Md.) called cap-and-trade “the most significant revenue-generating proposal of our time,” and said it would be difficult to pass without reconciliation because Democrats would be forced to accommodate a handful of Republicans as they did in the debate over the president’s stimulus package. Although winning use of the maneuver is unlikely, Cardin said, “a lot of us don’t want to give up without a fight.”

A fight Cardin lost, as the Senate voted 67-31 mandating that cap and trade would need 60 votes to pass their chamber.

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There are 122 Democratic representatives in Congress (96 in the House, 26 in the Senate) from 25 states that get over 50% or more of their energy, above the national average, from coal. These pols understand that cap and trade will increase energy costs on their constituents and endanger their reelection chances in 2010.

After all, who do you think Ben Cardin has in mind to pay for the “most significant revenue proposal of our time.”

But watermelons have no fear, St. Martin the Green has swooped in to save us from global warming.

h/t Planet Gore

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