Martin O’Malley: He Brings Higher Utility Bills to Life

From my column in today’s DC Examiner:

Maryland legislators voted to increase energy costs for Marylanders when they approved Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposed Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act. The bill is meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide, 25% below 2006 levels by 2020…

Maryland politicians routinely ignore economic reality to appease special interests. In this case, they are relying on a bogus Climate Action Report funded by politically powerful special interest environmental advocacy groups.

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Economic analysis of the report revealed that it failed “to quantify the monetary benefits of reduced GHG emissions rendering its cost savings estimates implausible if not downright unbelievable.” It’s also unbelievable that O’Malley is advocating higher electricity rates, given his unfulfilled campaign promise to lower them.

Public opinion polling on global warming has shown a distinct shift towards skepticism. It now appears that O’Malley and the Democratic majority in Annapolis are on the wrong side of science, economics, and public opinion. Unfortunately, consumers and rate payers will bear the burden of their costly mistake.

Attention District 30 residents: The latest aspirant to serve you in the House of Delegates, Judd Legum unabashedly supports the same policies, which will increase your energy costs.

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