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He’s Still Unoriginal

He may not be running the fever swamp of Free State Politics, but that “budding young energy policy wonk,” Isaac Smith is still banging away on the keyboard typing arguments rather than making them.

Isaac is an acolyte of the old Marxist false consciousness argument. The false consciousness—perfected by Thomas Frank—goes like this. If you disagree with the left on economic or cultural matters you’ve been brainwashed or are mentally disturbed.

To wit: Isaac’s snot-nosed criticism of the Tea Party movement.

To watch the conservative movement these days is rather bizarre, alternating as it does between borderline psychosis and a cluelessness that rivals Margaret Dumont in a Marx Brothers movie.

And there you have it, the sine qua non of progressive “argument” against conservatives. You don’t need to pay attention to them they are just crazy loons.

Of course, this is to be expected from a guy who runs away at the slightest hint of having to make an argument.

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