At it Again

Well, Judd Legum is at it again, and he’s getting this lying thing down pretty pat, because he got caught in another bold-faced lie. Legum apparently is running for the House of Delegates here in Anne Arundel County in District 30 (as if the district couldn’t be any more poorly represented by Speaker Busch and by Delegate Virginia Clagett, but alas) and he is targeting incumbent Republican Delegate Ron George.

Legum of course thinks of himself to be quite the hotshot, so he told the blog The Plum Line this litte doozy:

Still, Legum is better known for his work at Think Progress, and this campaign could be a historic first in a sense. Legum tells us he’s pretty certain that he’s the first national blogger to attempt a campaign for elected office, and as best as I can determine, he’s right.

Which of course is patently ridiculous when you consider the fact that RedState Chairman Erick Erickson was elected to the City Council of Macon, Georgia two years ago (though really blogger Greg Sargent is at just at big of fault for doing no fact checking whatsoever).

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I get that Judd Legum seems to think a lot of himself (and why not, I guess that when you get bought off by George Soros you can just make it all up on the fly) but rarely has a candidate for the House of Delegates jettisoned their credibility so quickly.

Then again, he is now appearing on the website Crooks and Liars, so maybe he has finally discovered truth in advertising….


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